don't be paranoid! We are not alone.
I luv red Kenny... Mpph Mrph!
Cartman... Sweeet! normal people frighten me.
quietly plotting my revenge can't sleep clows will eat me
it is all a conspiracy obsessive compulsive at heart
Member of Cliques Annonymous Please define NORMAL
I <3 the internet! Night Person
We Love the Lightning! We Love the Stars!
We Love the Moon! Split Personalities are cool
I Love the Moon I Dislike the Spice Girls
Haven't you noticed? Addicted to putting "..." at the end of sentences
And you can't say we're bad! Question Everything.
A Little too Sarcastic! <html saved my life>
Useless Junk Crazy Insane
Computer Is My Friend HTML is Fun!!!
I'm Organized! I <3 Sparkly Stars
i'm insane, are you? sarcastic? oh, yeah right!
i'm bright, how about you? I'm Addicted To Cliques
i'm a PSYCHO I'm Addicted To The Internet
I Like Ike! I <3 to read!!
I'm A Pessimist! copying ain't cool
I chase stars! web~a~Holic
Sleep?  ...what's that? September...
Clowns are scary heart like a... labyrinth
Give us feedback, please! // proud //

i believe in aliens...
i believe in love...
i believe in esp...

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